First Summer in Osaka

Can it really be the end of August?  From what the locals tell me, we have passed the peak of summer in Osaka…maybe.  The reason for the hesitation is that last year’s Osaka summer was one of the worst in recent memory.  There was a really strong earthquake, record-breaking heat and a terrible typhoon that wreaked havoc on the area.  Locals also tell me that the summers are getting longer and hotter and with each passing year.  Back in May, we were already feeling the temperatures rising to uncomfortable levels all while friends would say, “What a pleasantly warm day.” 😲

We tried to beat the heat in several ways: using parasols, mini portable fans, cooling towels, body sheets (wet wipes infused with cooling component), cooling spray (body sheets in spray form) and gallons and gallons of Pocari Sweat/Aquarius (Gatorade-type drinks).  And, of course, visiting spray parks, pools and fountains.

One of the best beat the heat discoveries was Waterland, just a train stop away, but a 20 minute walk from the station.  The place has a lazy river, waterslide, and plenty of pools.  We found it best to ride our bikes there even though it meant pedaling in the intense heat with both boys on my bike and then plunging directly in the water upon arrival.

The best part about this place was that every hour, on the hour, guests are asked to vacate the pools in order for the staff to conduct pool sweeps.  It’s also a good reminder to reapply sunscreen and hydrate.  After a few minutes, they announce the pools are ready, but before entering, the all too familiar tune plays over the loudspeakers: ラジオ体操…rajio taiso! (3 minutes of stretching timed to music).  Our boys are pros at that now.


By the way, to give you an idea of how hot it can get, below are the temps for 2 separate days in July.  It doesn’t seem that bad until you look at the “feels like” reading.  Thankfully we don’t see numbers that high in late August!

Despite these temperatures, we’ve had friends and family from near and far brave the heat and come visit us, making lasting memories.  We’re looking forward to seeing you in Osaka too!

2 thoughts on “First Summer in Osaka

  1. Looks like you’ve had a great summer! You all find the most fun things to do! Lucky boys, always a new adventure! Lori, you are my hero!! Hauling both boys on your bike??? Really? What’s Michael carrying..🤔 Super Mom that’s you! How nice that you’ve had lots of visitors. We will be coming one of these days! Love to you all. Thanks for the blog. So mice to see your pictures and hear your stories.😉💓

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