Happy Halloween

Here it is, our first American holiday overseas: Halloween.  When we arrived mid-September, we already saw the decorations up at the post office.33,35,263,280.037323

Then, on our very frequent trips to Yodobashi Camera, the kids would always beg to take photos at this display.


Mister Donut started selling Halloween themed donuts soon after we arrived too.  They had these adorable pumpkin shaped donuts dipped in white chocolate, pumpkin shaped donuts dipped in strawberry flavored white chocolate, mummy sticks, custard filled mummies dipped in strawberry, creme filled mummies dipped in white chocolate, to name a few.  Should I be concerned that I can rattle off the menu at a donut shop in such detail?  I’m hearing my sister-in-law say, “no, not at all.”  Thanks for having my back, Ally!

Everywhere we turned, we were reminded of Halloween.  Almost every store or mall had a Halloween promotion or Trick or Treat sales.  Or, at the very least, a photo op display.

The Osaka Metro had a fun event over the weekend where if you said “trick or treat” to the station master, you received a bag of candy.  The boys loved it and even said it in Japanese: “torikku oa toriito.”

Last night Zachary was so excited about Halloween.  I had to break it to him that Japan celebrates Halloween differently than in the States.  No trick or treating; no dressing up at school.  But that didn’t stop us from dressing up at home and having the boys knock on the door of each room (pretending each room was a neighbor’s house) screaming, “Trick or TREAT!” Their giggles and delight reassured me that different doesn’t necessarily mean bad.  Different is just…different.

4 thoughts on “Happy Halloween

  1. How fun for the boys. It sounds like Halloween was well celebrated at your house. Great pictures! Jack really gets into those donuts! Both of the boys look like they’ve grown so much. Jack is catching up to Z!
    I don’t think they missed anything with your creative solutions for Halloween.🤗 XO

  2. Love, love, love it. Indoor trick or treaters! And now to wait for B’s comments when she sees there is a Christmas tree decorated with tiny pumpkins!! 🙂

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