Settling in

It was time to say goodbye to the Airbnb. We were glad to have stayed, but thrilled to begin our lives in the mansion.  Did I mention how tiny the Airbnb was?  Here are some photos.  None of them were edited in any way.

You walk into to a narrow hallway with the bathroom on the right.  At the end of the hallway are the beds.  And if you walked to the bed and turned to face the hallway, there’s the kitchen.  To the left of the kitchen is a door which leads to the same footprint apartment that mirrors ours.  That’s where the boys stayed.  In total it was about 400 sq ft.  I do have to give credit to the kitchen design in that the rack above the sink serves a dual purpose as a dish rack.  It seems so long ago since we stayed there.

Our new place comes…completely empty.  It’s unfurnished with no appliances (not even a stove/cook top) nor window coverings!  This proved to make the first few days a little trying.  At least we had 2 mattresses that we had delivered on our move-in day so we had something to sleep on that first night.  We purchased a dining set at IKEA and this is how I picture the boys helping put the furniture together:

This lasted for about 10 seconds and then off they went, leaving the rest of the work for Michael and me.

It amazes me how the furniture starts out like this:

And Michael is able to transform it into this:


A few days later, this happened, much to our relief since it’s still in the mid to upper 20s Celcius (low 80s to upper 70s Farenheit) here.

And after about a week, the pièce de résistance arrived…the refrigerator!

With each appliance/furniture we acquire, our mansion is slowly beginning to come together.  Next week the sofa, dressers and bookcase will be delivered.  It’ll be nice to finally empty out the suitcases and put them away.  For how long?  Now that this place is feeling more and more like home, I think it might be a while.

4 thoughts on “Settling in

  1. Amazing! Can’t wait to see it in person. You’re making it into a home with each new purchase and it’s becoming yours. I can understand why you’d want to stay for awhile but hope it’s not forever…😬Surprising that you need to buy appliances for apartments. I think it must be fun for the boys to be a part of pulling this all together. What a learning experience for them. They will never forget this time. Love you all. Keep the posts coming, love reading them . Be on the lookout for a package arriving soon. Hope it makes it.😉XO

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