…and we’re off!

We have tickets flying into Osaka Kansai International Airport.  The only problem is that Typhoon Jebi (typhoon #21) has left Kansai Airport inoperable for all but a handful of flights on Peach Aviation.  Since we are booked on Delta Airlines, we are pretty certain that our flight will get canceled, so we are considering a plan B.

Plan B is putting…

Update!  I just got notification that they are re-routing the flight into…Nagoya Chubu Airport.  I’ve never flown into that airport, so it’ll be a new experience.  It’s about a 2 hour journey away from Osaka, but the only other option is flying into Narita Airport (Tokyo–it’s really in Chiba Prefecture, but we’ll say Tokyo for convenience sake) and then transferring to Haneda Airport (which is in Tokyo proper about 1.5 hours away) to then take a flight to Itami Airport in Osaka.  Although we’d love to spend a day in beloved Tokyo with friends, we are anxious to start our Osaka living, so we are going to fly into Nagoya and head to the Airbnb in Osaka upon arrival.

Last night, we were saying goodbye to ohana here and noticed this beautiful sight out on the lanai.

A vibrant double rainbow with Zachary at the end of them!
Thank you Hawaii, for the beautiful send off!

Thank you Mom, Dad and Ted for driving 2 cars to take us and our luggage to the airport.

It was eerily empty when we arrived Honolulu International Airport.  Hurricane Olivia turned into Tropical Storm Olivia and was dumping rain as we checked in for our flight.


We boarded the flight and are ready for the 8 1/2 hour journey to our new home.  I can’t remember the last time I was on a flight with so many empty seats.  I guess Olivia worked in our favor!

Ready or not Japan, here we come!

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