To Costco, with love

I’m a huge fan of Costco.  I’ve known Costco for most of my life.  I knew Costco before it was Costco.  My parents were members of Price Club in California, the first big discount warehouse.  I remember going there as a kid and being in awe of all the possibilities.  Today, I’m still in awe of the products, sizes and the gargantuan amounts of food.  I mean, who can eat a 40 pack of taquitos in one sitting?  Wait, I witnessed my nephew Stellan doing that one day.  And the next day I believe my nephew Simon accomplished the same thing.

Before moving to Japan, many relatives gave us input on where to live in and around Osaka.  My brother Brian, knowing my obsession with Costco, asked if being near a Costco was a factor in the decision making process.  Yes, Costco and I go a long ways.  Thankfully Michael shares my love of Costco, and my boys don’t know life without it.


We made our 2nd trip to the Amagasaki Costco within the first 7 days of being in Japan.  The first time, we wanted to just check it out and didn’t want to purchase anything since we didn’t have a place lined up.  Plus, we don’t have a car, which means we have to carry our purchases on a bus to a train to a subway.  But you know me, I couldn’t resist.  I mean, the savings on these items were ending that day, so….

Our trusty stroller, takes one for the team.

Our third trip was to purchase items for the apartment: fridge, tv, pillows, household items, etc.  You have no idea my utter delight in having an empty apartment to fill with Costco items (much to our bank account’s dismay).  But again, no car, so we’d have to hand carry purchases back to the mansion.  Plus, Michael was at work and so it was just me and the boys.  I had the foresight to bring an empty suitcase that I envisioned Zachary could roll while I pushed Jack in the stroller.

…or the other way around!
…or my worst nightmare and I’m pushing all 3!
All of that fit in our trusty suitcase!

Our most recent trip to Costco (yes, I’ve gone 4 times in the span of 3 weeks–just like back at home, right Lanvi?) required yet another car rental with Jack as my co-pilot.  When I remarked to the rental car agent that I would be making a Costco run and needed a car with back seats that fold down, he replied, “All the back seats in this car fold down, so you will have lots of space.  Let me fold them for you and the child can sit in the front seat.”  I liked the way the guy totally understood what Costco means to me, but I couldn’t compromise Jack’s safety for more room in the back of the car…or could I?  No, of course I couldn’t 😁

Another successful trip to Costco in the books.  And, as usual, my helper is asleep by the end of the trip.  (No child was harmed in the making of this post).



2 thoughts on “To Costco, with love

  1. Hey Lori, I really enjoy reading your adventures and challenges living in Japan. I don’t know how you were able to get the boys and the luggage home taking the trains, subways, dealing with the stairs.. We sure take our cars for granted.

  2. Lol funny!! Taking the suitcase to Costco is classic and seeing the stroller loaded with stuff reminded me of our trip together to Costco in Hiroshima!!
    Lori, you continue to amaze me with what you accomplish on your own!
    But having both kids fall asleep while you’re trying to push the stroller and the suitcase back home earns you a medal!! You can do anything!! Michael owes you big time!! Did you buy a birthday cake while you were there??
    I hope you have the happiest birthday on the 6th. Love you and waiting for an address so we can send you birthday wishes! Happy Birthday to Superwoman!! We love you.💓💓🎂🍾 Wish we were there to celebrate you and your special day!!

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