House Hunters International Conclusion

We left off with Michael and Lori deciding between:

House #1:Dated, 2 bathroom Osaka Castle mansion

House #2: 1st floor rural, outdoor living

House #3: Modern living in an urban setting.

All of them had their pros and cons.  But as most of you know how the show goes, they cross out the one they both don’t like, so… we both concluded House #2, though new and family-friendly, was too suburban for us.

So which one did we choose?  It was a pretty easy decision once we did a walk through.  We decided….. on….. house…. number….. but first, a word from our sponsors.  Ok, enough with the suspense: we chose #3!.  We’ll have to adjust to living with one bathroom, but as with everything we’ve experienced on this journey, flexibility is the key to happiness.  Apparently we liked it so much we didn’t take very many pictures of the place.

This is the hallway from the front door. It’s narrow, but that’s typical of mansions in Japan.
Zachary testing out how fast he can circle the kitchen, bath and living space. What is that secret hatch on the floor?

The size of the place is 82m2, which is equal to what in ft2?  My inability to judge distance or measurement in the imperial system has proven to be of no help with the metric system.  Thankfully there is Google who tells me it’s actually 882 ft2 , which sounds like a decent number for Japan.

We get the keys next week and are excited to settle in to our new home.  The 4 of us living in this 400 ft2 Airbnb has proved to be a challenge, but we are adapting to these cramped quarters.  The good news is that when we move into our “mansion” next week, it will definitely feel like a mansion compared to this Airbnb!


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  1. Congratulations on your new home. How fun to live in the city! I know you’ll make it into your own . So what is that hatch on the floor? ??
    How far to the schools?
    The apartment looks great, can’t wait to see the furnished version. Have fun!! Oh and we need an address .😉🤗

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