Our Own House Hunters International

Earlier this summer, I sent in an application to HGTV’s House Hunters International (much to my dear friend Blythe’s delight) to be on the show, but sadly, only received a auto-response saying they receive too many requests to respond individually. ☹  No matter–I’ll create my own version here!

One thing to note: It surprises me how very few “mansion” have 2 bathrooms.  Coming from the States where there are many 2 or 3 bathroom apartments and homes, it’s hard to consider going back to one bathroom.  Especially with a pre-schooler who informs us he has to go potty 2 seconds before the stream starts.  This makes for interesting 12 hour day excursions, for sure!  So, here are the descriptions (cue announcer).

House #1: Dated, 2 bathroom Osaka Castle mansion

“This 1981 concrete high-rise has 3 elevators (which not all buildings have) to service the 960 units in the building.  There are 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms with 2 small balconies in this 5th floor mansion.  The kitchen is small and dated and the 3rd bedroom is a tatami room with a large closet.  The closet is deep enough for the oldest son to sleep comfortably.  There is an outdoor concrete play area for the kids to enjoy.”


Pros: The elementary school is across the street, the preschool and a konbini (convenience store=mini mart) are next door (not together–that would make for a chaotic setting) and did I mention 2 bathrooms?                                                                  Cons: It’s really old…and drabby.

House #2: 1st floor, rural, outdoor living

“House #2 is outside the city, with residential homes all around.  It is a newer, 3 bedroom, 1 bath, 2004 mansion on the 1st floor.  The kitchen is small, but has a semi-open concept to the dining and living areas.  Included for use is the backyard terrace with decking and a small garden area.”

Pros: better layout for the claustrophobic in us, outdoor deck                                        Cons: 1 bathroom, 1st floor, long commute, rural area so a car is a must

House #3: Modern living in an urban setting

“This 4 bedroom, 1 bath mansion is located in the heart of the city, only 1 subway stop away from the hustle and bustle of Shin-Osaka station.  It is a newly remodeled unit in the 20 year old building.  There are a few playgrounds in the middle of the 31 building complex.”

Pros: Convenient location, (20 min commute for Michael), 4 bedrooms                          Cons: 1 bathroom, and perhaps a little too urban?

“Which one did they choose?  Tune in next time to find out.” (cue commericals)

Here’s a preview for the next post:

On the left is Michael purchasing his official lipstick…I mean official hanko seal.  This hanko is used instead of signatures.  On the right he is “signing” the lease with his seal.

9 thoughts on “Our Own House Hunters International”

  1. Do we get to vote???

    I’d vote for old and drabby but with 2 bathrooms and the schools across the street. Just saying… but I’m sure you made the right choice for you. Can’t wait to hear your choice… you’re really going to keep us waiting on the edge of our seats till next post?? Fun! I love your post.😉

  2. I agree with Linda! #1 – you can spruce it up and make it less drabby! Everything else seems great! Can’t wait to find out what you guys choose! I almost never get it right when I guess on those tv shows though……lol.

  3. I am so enjoying your blog and being a part of your great adventure! I started late but I have caught up! Maybe you can get HGTV International to pay more attention! Good luck on your choice! I’m thinking that 2 baths may be the winner!

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