The First “Lasts”

We received the COE paperwork earlier than expected (yay!) which means we are able to pick up our passports on Monday!  After we dropped off the paperwork and passports to the Japanese Consulate, Michael and I both looked at each other with an “oh my, what have we just done?” expression on our faces.  Knowing we have a passport pick up date means that we can now purchase tickets to Japan.  With that comes the first “lasts”.

The last Mommy and Me class at the community center.
The last basketball practice.
The last swim in the backyard pool.
The last trip to Liliha Bakery. On second thought, I’m sure I can squeeze another trip in before we leave 😉
The last sunset at Kahe Point Beach Park.

But with these “lasts” also comes a first!

The first time the weather app includes the day we arrive!

It occurred to me the other day, that this will be the 2nd round of goodbyes for us.  I think it’s especially hard for the boys since they had to say goodbye to their Bellevue friends and now they will say goodbye to their new Kapolei friends.  It will be hard to say goodbye to all the family and friends, but I realize it’s part of the journey.  Instead of saying goodbye, I think we’ll say “mata ne” or see you in Japan instead.


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