Looks like we made it!

Boy, what a journey it was, schlepping 8 checked pieces of luggage, 2 car seats, a stroller, 4 carry-on items and 4 personal items on that Delta Airlines flight.  It didn’t help that the boys fell asleep just as we landed into Chubu Airport (of course!), so Michael and I had to carry most of the backpacks and small wheeled luggage off the plane.

We took our time getting off the plane and when we arrived baggage claim, our luggage was pulled off the carousel with 4 free luggage carts sitting next to the suitcases.  Only in Japan would you find that kind of customer service without needing to ask.

As soon as we passed through customs, we headed straight to the Kuroneko Yamato Transport desk.  There, we paid to ship 10 of our bags straight to the Airbnb.  I felt badly for the petite woman who had to individually weigh, measure and tag our 50 lb bags.  She even cellophane wrapped the plastic bins to ensure the contents stayed intact.


Dropping them off made it so much easier to take the train to the bullet train to the subway to the taxi to the Airbnb, with our 2 sleeping boys.

The Airbnb was a rude awakening to the size of apartments in Japan.  We’re living in a 400 square ft, 2 bedroom “mansion” until we settle in our “real” mansion (mansion = apartment in Japanese).  More on how we are making this place work for us in another post.  All that matters is that we’re here in Japan making what started off as a kernel of an idea 3 years ago into reality.


  1. Yay you made it. I’m in awe of you two with the sacrifices and hard work you’ve done to make this a reality. I can’t even imagine traveling with two little ones and all that stuff on your own but I know if anyone could do it, you two could ! Happy you are safely there. Welcome to your new home. I love following your blog and hearing of your adventures. Can’t wait to see the “mansion”. 😉 Good Luck apartment hunting. Love you all. Hugs and kisses to the boys.💓XO Mom


    • Mary! I had a nice chat with a woman on the street on the way to the station…in Spanish! It made me think of when we were in France and you met that couple from Mexico. Thanks for the fantastic idea on writing this blog!


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