The Journey Begins


On August 1, 2018 we left the only home our boys have ever known just outside of Seattle and started our adventure to Japan…well, halfway there, at least.

We landed in Hawaii since the work visa hadn’t arrived and we had already rented out our house.  Thankfully we have family on Oahu who would take us in and we’ve been having fun here while waiting for the paperwork to come through.  We’ve developed a taste for…

34,33,341,354.481873Shave ice with mochi balls at Island Shave Ice and Creamery


Home grown mangoes

papayaPapayas from the front yard—well, papayas, not so much

35,35,320,334.983765Oreo waffle at Uncle Bo’s in Haleiwa


and ice cream! 😊

We’re excited to spend time with family and friends here, but we’re also anxious to start life in Japan.  It feels like we’re in limbo.


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